Tuesday, December 29, 2020

SharePoint Responsiveness & Mobile Capabilities

Web technology has changed considerably in the past few years. Microsoft has embraced the new generation of open standards in web technology with a fundamental shift in how SharePoint 2013 supports web content management, responsiveness, and mobile capabilities.

Understanding SharePoint’s Responsive Frame-work and Offering

SharePoint has embraced the responsiveness and simplistic design that the modern applications and design landscape demands. Unlike the other offerings of Microsoft, SharePoint also boasts of the intuitive UI, sleek designs and interactive web experiences.

The Microsoft SharePoint app takes care of key elements like:
• resizing as per different resolutions
• screen sizes,
• alternate image mapping,
• CSS media queries

SharePoint 2013 onwards and SharePoint online supports Bootstrap, one of the leading responsive and mobile friendly CSS frameworks. The sites and pages can be accessed by any Desktop, mobile, tablets on any browser without any loss of functionality or page designs.

Leveraging SharePoint’s Mobile Responsiveness Features

In terms of mobile responsiveness, the Microsoft SharePoint app has come a long way in terms of delivering enterprise capabilities and applications on the go, within your pocket. Microsoft offers a dedicated and free of cost app for the following three major mobile platforms:
• Windows
• Android
• iPhones

The app can be installed without any hassles and supports both online and on-premise versions (SharePoint 2013 and above) of SharePoint.

Installing the App

Once a user installs the app, the app will ask for the credentials to authorize. This is a onetime activity. In the case of on-premise versions, users can type in the URL directly and authorize themselves by providing the credentials. The credentials page appears as shown in the image below.

Fig 1: User Sign in page


After logging in to the app, one finds the mobile version to be very fluid and not much different than the browser-based experience. In case the user is within a SharePoint Online site in the app, he is presented with the following three sections:
· News
· Find
· Me

Exploring the News Section

The news section displays all the news posts across your various sites. The news section lets a user do the following:
• save the posts to view later
• share it internally or externally via Facebook, WhatsApp, etc
• view more details of the news posts
The news posts can be further filtered to show items across these sections.

Fig 2: News Section

Exploring the Find Option

Find is synonymous to the out-of-the-box search that SharePoint offers in its web versions. The Find screen lets the user search for contents. SharePoint offers an extensive search that filters the results across the following sections as shown in the figure below.
• All
• Sites
• Files
• People
• News

The Find landing screen also displays the frequently visited sites, People, recent files, etc.

Fig 3: Find Section

Exploring the Me section

The Me section is the people section of the app where a user can view all his details. The section has two tabs- Recent and Saved. Recent display the items that a user has recently accessed. Saved displays all the items saved by the user.

Fig 4: Me section

Understanding Additional Features in the SharePoint App

SharePoint offers smooth navigation in the app. For example, if the user has to visit any site, he can directly use the Find screen. In case the site does not open from the Find section a user can also use the “More sites” option.

On opening the site, a user can work with files, documents, lists, etc. There is a mobile menu for site content navigation. Clicking on it will open the available options as shown in the next image.

Fig 5: List Menu on opening a site

SharePoint also allows users to add documents and folders with ease. Users can perform the following options on the documents
• Download
• Delete
• Copy link
• View
• Manage version history

Fig 6: Managing Documents within a site


These were some of the key highlights from the SharePoint app. The app lives up to the pocket-sized gateway to your enterprise applications. As we have seen, SharePoint allows many useful actions that can be performed on the go.

Microsoft rolls out new features in its SharePoint app with every new update. If you’d like to be posted on these, learn more on this topic or are keen to get answers to some very specific queries, feel free to write to us at emailid@domainname.

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