Monday, November 30, 2020

AQL Tech Tuesday Webinars : SharePoint Hub Sites & How to Implement Them

 SharePoint Hub Sites and how to implement them

========================================= Track: Developer, Business Level: 200 SharePoint Hub Sites are brand new to SharePoint Online, this session will be to better understand the potential behind Hub sites, how they affect your architecture and how to use them in your intranet. I will walk you through setting up the Hub sites, use them with modern Team & Communication sites, administer them & finally the changes going forward in your intranet's information & technical architecture.

Time Line Of This Video
0:00 About Me & Intro to Hub Sites 1:32 Demo Hub Sites using AQL Practices communication sites
16:41 Demo Hub Sites using Classic Team Sites
48:45 Hub Sites Benefits : same theme, Scoped Search, Common Navigation, Content Rollup
20:56 Demo of Content Rollup : News Webpart, Site Webpart, Highlightened Content Webpart
26:56 Demo of Hub sites Scoped Search
30:51 Governance around approving Users for associating Sites
38:45 Rollup of permissions, Site Column, Content types in a Hub sites
39:53 Hub Sites as Intranet Home Page
43:20 FAQs on Hub sites (more questions are added)

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