Friday, March 23, 2018

Creating an Office 365 Group

Let’s talk about a certain case at AQL where we end up using a group.

In this case AQL wants to put a proposal team together to work on a new Account for SpaceX where the mission is going to Mars, this proposal team includes people from different departments like marketing, sales & IT.

The below screenshot shows the Office 365 Outlook.

It shows 2 folders in left pane, one is Inbox and other is Groups.

There will be 2 options in Groups I.e. Create and Discover to establish new features.

I will click on “Create” to create a new Office 365 Group. The below dialog box opens on the right pane.

It allows to select 2 levels of access as shown below i.e. Public and Private Access.

I am entering the name as “AQL__Annual Budget Management” and Privacy as Public Access. The members in the group is as shown below.

The Owner of the Group is as below,

Guests in the Group is as below,

Now you can see that a Group is created in Outlook on the left pane.

Shared Outlook Email id is created as shown below. It allows you to mail the users in the Group.

The top ribbon in IT Team Groups contains navigation for Conversation, Files, Calendar, Notebook, Planner and sites.

Click on the Planner option to navigate to planner tool. It allows you to create tasks and assign to group members. The planner is a good task management tool.

You can navigate to the SharePoint Modern Team Site created for the Group by clicking on the “site” option in top Navigation.

Click on the Teams option in the top ribbon. It’s a chat-based platform that allows to create channels and engage the peoples in the Organisation.

Click on the “Files” link to browse the Shared Files in the Group.

Click on “Calendar” in Top menu to navigate to Shared Calendar. It allows to set meeting for the Group members.

Enable the Classification for the Groups using PowerShell and there are set of PS Cmdlets to enable the classification. Refer the below MSDN for more details on it.

The below Screenshot shows the Classification as “High” for the Group “AQL__Annual Budget Management”.


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