Friday, September 9, 2022

Migration & best practices from Legacy ITSM systems to ServiceNow

In this webinar, Sameer Mohammed & Rizwan Ansari will review the migration from the legacy ITSM systems to ServiceNow. They will discuss some of the other popular tools in the market ranging from Cherwell, Remedy & some of the best practices migrating from these systems to ServiceNow.

Some of the main features of ServiceNow will also be covered in this session as well. Finally, with years of experience that AQL has with ServiceNow, they will review some of the migration case studies that AQL has done in the past.

Migration & best practices from Legacy ITSM systems to ServiceNow

About Sameer Mohammed

Sameer Mohammed is Practice Lead at AQL Technologies leading ServiceNow & Microsoft 365 implementations. He has authored several books & a regular speaker in conferences.

About Rizwan Ansari

Rizwan Ansari is Senior ServiceNow Implementation Lead at AQL Technologies and has been part of ServiceNow from the inception. He has extensive experience working in ServiceNow projects ranging from migration, IT workflows, Employee workflows. He has also lead several migrations and going to be talking about it.

If you are looking to migrate to ServiceNow, make sure to attend this webinar.

Migration & best practices from Legacy ITSM systems to ServiceNow
Speakers: Sameer Mohammed & Rizwan Ansari
Date: Tuesday, Sept 13, 2022
Time: 11 AM to 12 PM CST

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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Power Automate RPA Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) Licensing


In this video, Sameer Mohammed will review Power Automate RPA Pay As You Go Licensing (PAYG). Check out the chapters below to switch to the section you want. 0:00 Introduction 0:07 Intro to PAYG licensing for RPA 0:33 PAYG Pricing 1:40 PAYG VS Prepaid subscription price comparison 5:35 FAQ about PAYG Sameer will go over the pricing, the difference between the prepaid subscription and PAYG, and the most frequently asked questions. You can download the excel sheet that Sameer uses to compare the two pricing plans here Download

This video will let you decide what the best licensing is for your RPA needs. If you want to review the prepaid subscription plan, here is the link to it "Power Automate RPA Prepaid Subscription licensing." -

Click here to Download

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