Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MOSS to SharePoint 2010 Migration

This article breaks up the upgrade process into Database upgrade and Visual upgrade.

1. Database upgrade:
a. Create a new database with a copy of the old 2007 database ( just to make sure we don’t mess with the 2007 website)
b. Create a new SP 2010 site
c. Detach the database by going into Central Admin\ Manage Content Databases (under application management)
                i. Select the website whose database you want to detach
                ii. Click on the database
               iii. Select “Remove content database” and hit on ok.

d. Attach the database using the command below, even though the “Manage Content Databases” option can be used for attaching database but it cannot be used for attaching 2007 database, it has to be done through the command below :

                i. Run the following command to attach 2007 database to 2010

               C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\BIN>stsadm -o addcontentdb -url -databasename -databaseserver

This will take some time depending on the database size; it will also show you in the progress in the command prompt.

2. Visual Upgrade :

Now that the database upgrade is successfully done you will see that the website looks just like 2007 even though it is on 2010, it does not show the ribbon or any of the new looks, reason being we still have to do the visual upgrade. This will give your website the new looks. This can be done using power shell also but I am doing it using the interface as a site owner.

a. Open up the site that you have just migrated.
b. Go to Site settings\ Title, navigation, icon
               i. There are 3 options here
                            1. Use the previous user interface
                            2. Preview the updated user interface
                            3. Update the user interface
                ii. Beauty of this is that you can do just a preview of the new looks before doing a final visual upgrade and if the looks don’t look good fell free to revert back to 2007 looks.
               iii. Selecting “Update the user interface” will do the final upgrade to 2010 looks.

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